This high-quality Numari-branded ring is both an impressive powerful piece of jewellery and a tangible connection to the turbulent and mysterious time of Ancient Rome. It is crafted in 14kt yellow gold and sterling silver, featuring a genuine silver coin struck in Ancient Rome over two millennia ago. The ring brings together antiquity and modern design, as a solid gold bezel surrounds the coin, complementing the sterling silver elements of the ring. As with all Numari Jewellery, the utmost care has been taken to ensure that this ancient coin has not been damaged by the setting in any way. This bold and dynamic ring weighs approximately 15 grams and measures approximately 2.2cm across. This ring has been impressively set with a genuine, very high-quality (almost museum-quality) ancient Roman coin, depicting the profile of Emperor Antoninus Pius (138 – 161CE). Emperor Antoninus Pius is to this day considered on the Five Good Emperors of the Roman Empire, and succeeded Emperor Hadrian, who adopted him as his son and successor in 138. Antoninus Pius was considered by his contemporaries and by modern historians to be a man of integrity and a lover of culture, even a friend of Pliny the Younger; it is also said that his reign was one of the most peaceful in the history of the Empire, with a modern scholar suggesting that in the 23 years of his reign, he never even saw an army or legion, let alone commanded one. This spectacular ring will be enjoyed both as a personal adornment and as a quality piece of ancient history.