This high-quality Numari-branded pendant is both a beautiful piece of jewellery, and a tangible connection to the time of Ancient Greece. It is crafted in 14kt yellow gold and sterling silver, featuring a genuine silver coin struck in Ancient Greece more than 2300 years ago. The pendant brings together antiquity and modern design, as a solid gold bezel surrounds the coin, complementing the sterling silver elements of the pendant. As with all Numari Jewellery, the utmost care has been taken to ensure that the coin has not been damaged by the setting in any way. This bold and dynamic pendant weighs approximately 7 grams. The coin featured within this pendant is a genuine, high -quality ancient silver drachm of Apollonia Pontika, or “City of Apollo”, which is modern day Sozopol, Bulgaria. The coin was struck c. 450-350 BCE, and features an image of the mythological Medusa, in Gorgon style, who possessed the powers to turn anyone into stone just by looking at them. The obverse of the coin features an anchor, a crayfish, and usually the letter “A” for Apollonia on the Black Sea where the coin was minted. While there are many facets to the story of Medusa, her image has been considered a symbol of luck and protection since ancient times.