This high-quality Numari-branded pendant is both a beautiful piece of jewellery, and a tangible connection to the time of Ancient Rome. It is crafted in 14kt yellow gold and sterling silver, featuring a genuine silver coin struck in Ancient Rome more than 2300 years ago. The pendant is further beautifully embellished by a cabochon-cut Ruby at the very tip; this piece brings together antiquity and modern design, as a solid gold bezel surrounds the coin, complementing the sterling silver elements of the pendant. As with all Numari Jewellery, the utmost care has been taken to ensure that the coin has not been damaged by the setting in any way. This bold and dynamic pendant weighs approximately 10 grams, with the coin weight consisting of approximately 3.9 grams. The coin featured within this pendant is a genuine, ancient Roman Republic Silver Denarius, minted in Ancient Rome c. 211 to 79 BCE, making the coin about 2100 years old. The front of this iconic coin boasts the helmeted figure of the goddess Roma, a deity who personified the city of Rome and the Roman state. The back design offers; either a) the mythical twins Castor and Pollux on horseback, or b) Victory driving a chariot pulled by horses. The condition of this coin is one of the highest-quality examples, nearly the same as it looked when it was first struck for circulation. This pendant, finished with a blood red ruby, featuring a coin that is over two millennia old, makes one feels as though a tangible connection can be made to that era in the history of the Roman Republic. It will arrive ready to wear and enjoy with an 18 inch sterling silver snake-link chain. (Chain is 16″plus a 2″extender.)